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Botox is primarily used to smoothen fine lines and facial wrinkles and smooth the appearance of frown lines. But Botox also has medical functionalities and several popular off-label uses. The following is an overview of all the body parts wherein you can get Botox treatments.

Botox on the Face & Head


Do you suffer from an excessively sweaty scalp? When strategically injected into the scalp, Botox interferes with the nerve signals reaching the sweat glands on the scalp. As such, Botox stops the sweat glands from producing excessive sweat. As such, Botox is a suitable treatment for sweaty scalps.

Upper Face

Botox is officially FDA-approved for use on the upper facial regions, specifically between the eyes and the forehead. When injected between the eyes, it relaxes the glabella muscles, reducing the appearance of the 11s or the frown lines between your eyebrows. It can also reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and the horizontal forehead lines.

Lower Face

Botox can also relax the muscles around the mouth and nose. As such, Botox injections smoothen the nasolabial folds or marinate lines that run down the sides of the nose. You can also inject Botox to neutralize a “resting bitch face,” i.e., the constant frown that occurs because of the mouth's drooping corners. Botox relaxes the muscles around the mouth, lifting up the drooping corners.


Botox helps deal with the skin banding that occurs around the neck due to age. Most people believe a neck lift is their only option to smoothen a wrinkled neck. However, when injected into the platysma muscle running down the neck, Botox smoothes all the excessive skin tissues and wrinkles, providing smooth neck contours.

Botox on Other Parts of the Body


The armpits can be a particular source of embarrassment for people who sweat excessively. However, Botox injections can block the nerve endings that communicate with the sweat glands in the armpits, thus regulating their sweat production capabilities. Botox is often injected into armpits to control excessive sweating.


Recently, some physicians have been using Botox injections in the stomach region to regulate hunger. Botox can be injected into the stomach to block the nerve responsible for feelings of hunger. Consequently, you don’t feel hungry anymore, allowing you to lose weight with greater ease. However, Botox’s ability to regulate hunger and induce weight loss isn’t well-researched yet, including some serious risks.

Dr. Ariel Ostad


Do you have excessive wrinkles and fine lines on your hands? Or do you sweat excessively from your hands? In either case, Botox injections delivered into the hands can smoothen wrinkles and regulate excessive sweating.


Do you sweat excessively from your buttocks or groins? If so, Botox can block the nerve endings that control the sweat glands in the region, regulating the sweat production. As such, Botox injections in the buttocks also minimize sweating.


Like the hands, the feet are also prone to excessive wrinkles and sweating. When injected into the feet, Botox can smoothen the fine lines and also minimize sweat production.

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