I have lost a lot of weight but have terrible loose skin and I am self-conscious
about it. Creams are not working and major surgery is scary. Is there anything else I can do to tighten up quickly?


Dear Kyla,

First, I want to congratulate you on your weight loss. It sounds like a situation where you took control of your health and that is a beautiful thing. What you are describing is a common concern, and not only for men and women who have lost a large amount of weight. Loose skin can happen for a number of reasons and the good news is that there are innovative and effective treatments that are less invasive than found in previous years. In the past, a body lift would be the common approach, but that often left unwanted, unsightly scars which was distressing to patients. Today, we have radio frequency treatments which are a great solution for overall skin tightening.

Devices such as the EndyMed 3-deep heat the skin 11-13mm deep to 42-43 degrees celsius which stimulates collagen and elastin. This results in the skin having a smoother appearance. Patients typically require five treatments to achieve their desired results and there is no pain or downtime. I also recommend a series of laser genesis treatments immediately after the EndyMed treatment to stimulate the top layer of the skin. The total amount of time needed for each session is about 30 minutes per body part.

Using these two different devices at two different depths stimulates collagen and elastin in different parts of the tissue. This allows for a tighter and more youthful appearance to the skin with no downtime, scarring and it is virtually pain free.

As always, please feel free to contact my office with any questions.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Ostad

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