People are often critical of how their face looks, from wrinkles on your forehead to sagging skin all across your face. According to PRNewswire, 47% of respondents to a survey said that they were bothered by how the area under their chin looked. Furthermore, 49% also said it negatively impacted their appearance. Fortunately, there are non-surgical solutions to help improve people’s facial features such as Morpheus8 treatments, nose augmentations, and EMFACE®. Let’s take a closer look at these treatments!

1. Morpheus8

This is a treatment that can tighten and smooth wrinkles on the body and face. It’s a non-surgical needling procedure that uses radio frequency to make your body create more collagen, which is what keeps you looking youthful. While it does penetrate under the skin more than other needling techniques, it’s virtually painless. This treatment can help those who are insecure about their chins, laugh lines, crows feet, and more.

2. Nose Augmentations

Not only do nose augmentations help people who don’t like how their nose appears, but they also make their whole face look more symmetrical. It’s a great, non-surgical way to boost confidence since the nose is one of the first things that people see. This can help improve many different areas of your life, both personal and professional.


We’re in a time where we’re video conferencing more than ever, and the last thing you want is not to look your best. EMFACE® can improve your muscle laxity and reduce wrinkles in a quick, 20-minute session that doesn’t even involve needles. This treatment improves the skin and muscles at the same time to increase muscle tone and fight back against wrinkles.

Things like the Morpheus8 treatment are not vanity projects. How people view themselves due to their appearance can have lasting effects on their personal and professional lives. Having these non-surgical treatments done makes you more willing to present yourself to the world, and having confidence can go a long way, helping you improve your life.

The cosmetic field is always evolving and it’s going to be a promising future for those who want to improve their bodies. For more information about our cosmetic treatments, such as Morpheus8 or nose augmentations, look no further than Ariel Ostad, MD. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with us!

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