Acne scars can often cause you to feel self-conscious, as it sometimes reminds you of your bad skin days. Unlike acne, scars remain there for a very long time, sometimes permanently, making you want to wear makeup or cover up some other way on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are acne removal scar treatments that you can use, and they can be adapted to your skin type. Dr. Ariel Ostad provides acne scar treatments to women and men who want to obtain a smoother skin texture, allowing you to feel more confident in yourself once again.



Good candidates for acne scar treatments are those who have visible acne scars after a breakout. That being said, if you are experiencing an acne breakout, then you may want to wait until it passes to undergo treatment. That is because the inflammation may affect the outcome of the treatment, leading to less desirable results. It is recommended that you wait until your acne is more controlled if you want the treatment to be effective.

While this type of treatment may work for people with dark skin, it is much more effective when you have a lighter skin tone. This allows for the laser to be better absorbed into the skin, making the acne scar removal process more efficient. However, there are also techniques that involve microneedling that can make women and men with darker skin great candidates as well. A consultation with Dr. Ostad can determine which type of treatment would be best for your skin tone.

As a candidate for acne scar treatments, you should have a good understanding of the procedure, as well as realistic expectations of the outcome.

How Acne Scar Treatments Work

Acne scar treatments are aesthetic procedures that can help correct the skin condition referred to as acne scarring. The general process involves the use of lasers, but microneedling with radiofrequency known as Morpheus8™ is also frequently used. This will trigger your skin’s natural healing process, which will reduce the appearance of scars. .

There are several treatment options used for acne scars, the most popular being Morpheus8™ and Fraxel®. Other treatment options include PicoWay® Laser for dark skin tones and carbon dioxide laser (CO2) Laser. These treatments stimulate skin rejuvenation and cell turnover, with minimal side effects or discomfort. After the procedure, clients will experience flaking to a certain degree, which is a sign that the treatment is working.

Once the dead skin falls off, you will notice a youthful, healthier skin layer with fewer scars.

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Similar to any other cosmetic procedure, you can expect a certain degree of recovery and potential for downtime. The side effects depend on various factors, including the type of technology that was used during the procedure. The more severe your condition is, the stronger the treatment may be, and the longer the recovery will last.

Common side effects of acne scar treatments include swelling, redness, and slight tenderness in the problem area. For the most part, this should not last more than one to two hours after the procedure. The swelling is generally the longest-lasting side effect, but it typically dissipates after a few days. If skin resurfacing treatments such as Fraxel® or Morpheus8™ are used, then you may expect some light flaking as the superficial skin layer is removed.

During your recovery, you should avoid direct sunlight and use sunblock whenever you go outside. Also, make sure that you follow a thorough skincare routine and use a gentle moisturizer, as your skin can be sensitive during the recovery period.


Results will mostly depend on the treatment used. Most acne scar treatments will show results within the first two to three weeks. However, for final results, you may have to wait as long as two to three months. Skin resurfacing treatments such as Fraxel® show progressive results in two to three months, whereas Morpheus8™ results can be visible within one month.

The results will also depend on the severity of your acne scars. For instance, if you have severe scarring, then it might take months until the treatment shows effect. However, if you only have shallow scarring, you should be able to see those results in a few weeks. During your consultation, Dr. Ostad will discuss how many treatments may be necessary to meet your goals.

The longevity of the results will depend on how you treat your skin afterward. Very often, once the acne scar is removed, the effect is permanent. However, if new acne breakouts occur, then this might lead to further scarring.

Make sure to have a proper skincare routine that involves cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing. This should keep the dead skin cells off so that your skin tone and texture remains even.

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