Did you love your tattoo when you first got it but have second thoughts? According to Glamour, people pay $487 on average for tattoo removal. If this is something you are interested in but are still not sure about it, here are four common reasons why people get their tattoos removed.

1. You Want to Get a New Job

While your old job may not have had an issue with your tattoos, you might have a new one in mind that has a more conservative view. Since they might not let you just wear a long-sleeve shirt over it or if it’s in a very visible place, then you should consider tattoo removal. You can always get a new one later if you change your mind.

2. It’s a Bad Tattoo

There are several possibilities for this one. You might have thought that it looked really cool when you first got it and its style just doesn’t mesh with you as you get older. It might look different than what you expected and it’s not what you want anymore. A poorly executed tattoo performed by an inexperienced artist is common, especially tattoos with misspellings. Whatever the case, it sticks out like a sore thumb and you want to get it removed.

3. Your Relationship Ended

There are fewer things more painful than having a permanent reminder of what you used to have than an ex’s name on your body. Rather than feel bad every time you look at his or her name, you can move on by having the tattoo removed. You could always date someone with the same name, but it just won’t feel as special.

4. The Tattoo Faded

Like other things in life, some tattoos fade over time. Rather than have something lackluster on your body, you can always opt to have the tattoo removed. After that, you could always fill that empty space with a new, more vibrant one.

There are many reasons for people getting a tattoo removed. The most crucial step is choosing the correct professional to do it. Dr. Ariel Ostad is a board-certified dermatologist who offers safe, effective laser tattoo removal. He has a deep understanding of the anatomy of the skin and an extensive background with many types of laser equipment and laser therapies. Are you interested in tattoo removal? Contact us today!

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