As the chill of winter gives way to the gentle warmth of spring, it’s not just your wardrobe that needs a refresh – your skincare routine does too. Transitioning from the harsh, dry conditions of winter to the milder, more humid weather of spring requires adjustments to ensure your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and radiant. Here are essential skincare tips for transitioning to spring and why it’s crucial for maintaining skin health.

Differences Between Winter and Spring Skincare

Transitioning your skincare routine with the changing seasons is essential because it helps address specific skin concerns brought on by environmental shifts. Winter skincare focuses on combating dryness, protecting your skin barrier from harsh winds and indoor heating, and using heavier moisturizers to lock in moisture. Spring skincare emphasizes light textures, adjusting to increased humidity levels, incorporating sun protection, and gentle exfoliation to reveal fresh skin after the dry winter months. 

Top Tips to Transition Into Spring

Transition is easy once you learn what your skin needs in the warmer season. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Exfoliate the Skin

Winter can leave behind dry, flakey skin due to the buildup of dead skin cells. Transitioning to spring calls for gentle exfoliation to remove these dead skin cells and reveal fresh, glowing skin. Using our gentle lactic scrub once a week can go a long way to improving the quality of your skin. 

2. Opt for Lighter Creams

During winter, heavier moisturizers are often necessary to combat dryness and protect the skin barrier. However, as temperatures rise in spring and humidity levels increase, switching to a lighter moisturizer can prevent clogged pores and excess oil production. Our Hyla Complex is a gentle, lightweight moisturizer that locks in moisture and enhances the skin’s natural barrier without clogging the pores. 

3. Stock Up on Antioxidant-Rich Products

Antioxidants are great to add to your routine, as they can help stabilize the free radicals and reduce damage caused by the sun. Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, and Niacinamide are great options to add to your routine. Medical-grade skincare is often recommended, as it has more active agents. You can choose the hyperpigmentation regimen set, as it features enough antioxidants to keep your skin clear of imperfections. 

4. Get a Spring Facial Treatment

Every so often, treating yourself to a facial is the best way to obtain complete rejuvenation. You are likely packing a lot of dead skin and dullness caused by winter, meaning spring is the perfect time for a skin reboot. Procedures like DiamondGlow® or an Oxylight® facial can help exfoliate the skin while delivering the missing nourishments. Not only can they reduce dullness, but they also diminish unwanted aging signs. 

5. Upgrade the SPF 

With longer daylight hours and more time spent outdoors, sun protection becomes even more critical in the springtime. For this reason, you need to step up your SPF game. Purchase a quality sunblock with at least 30 SPF or 40 SPF, especially if you live in a warm climate like New York. Sunblock helps protect your skin from photoaging, without it, you are at risk of premature wrinkles and sun spots. 

Spring Forward With Us!

The skin has different needs, depending on the season that you are in, so it is important that you adjust your skincare efficiently to enjoy a glowing, healthy complexion. Contact Dr. Ariel Ostad and schedule an appointment to prepare your skin!

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