The word acne can send chills up your spine and send you running for cover. For teens or adults, acne brings about frustration and embarrassment. You may have tried general cleansers, scrubs, and spot treatments without success. For patients in New York, NY, Dr. Ariel Ostad offers a number of acne treatment options including prescription medicine and laser treatments.

Teens and adults can get acne.

Nearly 8 out of 10 teenagers and 3 out of 10 adult females get some form of acne. Caused by the hormonal changes that take place during puberty, acne is considered a normal part of the teen years. It can be unsightly and embarrassing. It may appear as whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, or pimples. If you have tried over-the-counter treatments without success, it may be time to seek professional help. The following forms of acne usually need a dermatologist’s attention:

  • Recurrent acne continues to show up and lasts for two weeks or more.
  • Milia are clogged pores that appear to be whiteheads but do not actually pop.
  • Cystic acne involves large, painful spots on the skin.
  • Acne scars occur from picking at pimples and damaging the skin.

Treatment options

Acne does not have to be a normal part of your life. Some patients have sensitive skin and using commercial products only exacerbates the problem. Working with a dermatologist keeps you from suffering needlessly with acne. Dr. Ostad offers prescription treatments, oral antibiotics, and laser treatments. Each patient has unique needs. Using your medical history and acne conditions, he will determine an appropriate personalized treatment plan.

Dermatologists have access to professional strength medications and products designed to gently and effectively clear the skin. Possible options may include:

  • Cleansers and topical treatments for a fine tuned skincare regimen
  • Oral medications to reduce oil production or control hormones
  • Laser treatment to clear acne or treat scars

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