BOTOX® Cosmetic and How It Can Help You

There’s a saying that wrinkles only go where the smiles have been, and there is absolute truth in that. Many of the wrinkles on your face are caused by muscle movements as you laugh, frown, squint, smile, and so on. But even though you want to be comfortable with your emotions, you want to do that without worrying that this will deepen your wrinkles.

Enter BOTOX® Cosmetic, a treatment that can diminish your wrinkles and allow you to age gracefully. No one is spared of the passing of the years, but that does not mean you cannot hang onto your youth. Let’s talk about BOTOX® Cosmetic and how it can help you beat the signs of aging.

What Is BOTOX® Cosmetic and How Does It Help With Wrinkles?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable treatment approved by the FDA and that uses a purified form of botulinum toxin type A. Once injected into the predetermined treatment area(s), this substance will temporarily inactivate the muscles that are responsible for your dynamic wrinkles (i.e., frown lines, crow’s feet, neck wrinkles, etc.). By interfering with the nerve signals, BOTOX® Cosmetic can prevent unnecessary contraction of the muscles. 

After your injectable treatment, the muscles will relax and will become smoother. Bear in mind that the injection itself is not a filler, but its effect can give you a smoother, more natural look. Aside from wrinkles, BOTOX® Cosmetic can also help with other conditions. For instance, it can be used during a lip flip to offer your lips more natural volume. BOTOX® can be used on migraine-prone people, as it prevents pain signals from passing through, as well as people who suffer from excessive sweating or incontinence.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

BOTOX® injections can be used to treat frown lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet, bunny lines on the upper nose, chin dimpling, neck creases, and a squared face due to hypertrophy of the masseter muscle. This is usually due to excessive teeth grinding. Masseter muscle is one of the muscles that helps you chew and is located by the angle of your jaw. In some cases, patients clench their jaw in their sleep, which also causes headaches. Injecting BOTOX® into this muscle helps relax the muscle and alleviate the pain, it also cosmetically slims the face due to thinning of that muscle. In addition, BOTOX® can also be injected in armpits and hands to reduce excessive sweating.

Top Benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic

According to Dr. Ariel Ostad, the main advantages of using BOTOX® Cosmetic are:

1. It Enhances Natural Beauty

      BOTOX® Cosmetic may be an anti-aging treatment for your face and neck, but it does not act as a filler. It merely reduces the appearance of wrinkles by preventing excessive movement. This will offer you natural beauty, without the visible enhancements that dermal fillers might provide.

      2. Fast and Non-Invasive Treatment

      BOTOX® Cosmetic is a non-invasive treatment as it does not involve surgery. So, you will only feel a slight prick of a needle. The entire treatment session will take just a few minutes, which means that you can even squeeze it in during your lunch break if you’re tight on time some days.

      3. Customizable Treatment

      The beauty of BOTOX® Cosmetic is that you may customize it based on your needs. Whether you need it for your upper face, the lower face, or your neck, Dr. Ariel Ostad can come up with the appropriate treatment plan for you. Based on how deep your aging signs are, multiple injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic may be necessary to obtain your desired results.

      How Long Does BOTOX® Last?

      BOTOX® Cosmetic injections can give you a more youthful look for about three to six months.

      Is BOTOX® Cosmetic the Right Solution for You?

      BOTOX® Cosmetic can be a good way for you to reduce the dynamic wrinkles on your face and neck, without affecting your facial structure. The treatment brings back your natural beauty, keeping wrinkles at bay and allowing you to enjoy a more youthful facial appearance. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Ariel Ostad to enjoy the benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic!

      For more information about BOTOX® Cosmetic, you can contact Dr. Ariel Ostad at 212-517-7900. He will make sure to answer all of your questions and you may also contact him using the provided online contact form.

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