Botox is a premier minimally-invasive rejuvenation technique with more than 15 years of proven safety and effectiveness. You may wonder if all doctors can administer Botox, and who you should trust for this service. NYC Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Ariel Ostad shares helpful insight.

It is real medicine

Botox is a purified protein. It blocks signals from nerves that tell muscles to contract. As muscle activity decreases, surface lines and wrinkles soften noticeably.

Botox is a prescription drug that may only be dispensed by a physician. Technically, this could be anyone from a dentist to a gynecologist. Those practitioners may have excellent skills and experience in their area of focus. However, they have not had in-depth training in facial aesthetics and anatomy of the skin. A dermatologist has this knowledge.

What about too-good-to-be-true online prices? It is illegal to purchase botulinum toxin without a prescription. Products from unlicensed suppliers are outdated, or bogus formulations that may produce unpredictable results or pose a serious health risk.

Botox is also advertised as at home parties and mall kiosks. While neuromodulators can be administered by non-physician clinicians, the procedure should be performed under the direct supervision of the prescribing doctor. In these situations, the doctor may not even be on the premises.

Why choose Dr. Ostad?

Dr. Ostad is Board-certified in dermatology and in dermatologic surgery. He has more than two decades of clinical experience in cosmetic, medical, and surgical practice. Known throughout the Big Apple and beyond, his natural artistry in aesthetic procedures and technical expertise is well-recognized:

  • Real Self Top Doctor
  • Surgical Attending of the Year Award from New York University – three times!
  • Castle Connolly Top Doctor
  • New York Super Doctor

Don’t trust your appearance and health to less-qualified doctors. Schedule a Botox consultation with Dr. Ostad at his NYC office. Call us at 212-517-7900.

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