Rosacea is a condition that affects almost 18 percent of the worldwide population, with around 16 million of them being from the US alone. This condition can cause people to feel self-conscious, causing them to use makeup daily to reduce the redness and even out their skin tone. 

Luckily, numerous procedures can help you manage rosacea, with CUTERA® being one of the most effective options. The CUTERA® treatment triggers your body’s healing process, rejuvenating your skin so that you can achieve that clear aesthetic you’ve always been dreaming of. Dr. Ostad can offer CUTERA® laser to patients who want to address this skin concern. Below, we’ll take a look at this treatment to offer you a deeper understanding of rosacea and the CUTEERA® treatment. 

What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that can manifest as red patches or spots on your skin. The condition is often hereditary and more common in individuals with lighter skin, as compared to women and men with darker tones. Exercise and physical activity often trigger rosacea; however, other triggers that can bring about a rosacea “episode,” including spicy foods, high temperatures, and even stress.

Once you have the predisposition for rosacea, it will likely activate at some point in your life. The redness in the skin is harmless but can cause social discomfort or even mild damage if it spreads too much. While the condition cannot be cured fully, it can be kept under control by using the right treatments, including CUTERA®. 

Why Is CUTERA® a Solution?

The CUTERA® laser treatment has long been used to treat various conditions, from signs of aging to acne and other superficial marks. This procedure disperses laser energy throughout the skin layers, triggering a new production of collagen by activating its healing process.

Because of this, the laser can reduce the blood vessels through which rosacea manifests itself. If the blood cannot flow out of the damaged vessels, then the redness should no longer be as noticeable as the skin becomes clearer. 

The CUTERA® treatment is non-invasive, making it a good option for those who do not wish to experience side effects or downtime. The rejuvenation process can take a few days, with most patients being able to see improvement within two to four weeks after their treatment.   

CUTERA® Options to Consider

Every CUTERA® procedure can be used to clear up rosacea, regardless of the settings that are used. However, depending on the intensity of your rosacea, some options may work better than others. Here are the ones that Dr. Ariel Ostad recommends: 


CUTERA® EXCEL V laser is a great option for treating mild rosacea before it can spread. The treatment is better for patients with sensitive skin. By using a high-powered green laser, this CUTERA® version targets abnormal blood vessels and excess pigment, damaging them to the point where your body removes them naturally. This process can offer you an even skin tone, so you no longer have to use makeup to cover your redness.

  • CUTERA® Genesis Laser

The CUTERA® Genesis laser might be the more effective solution for patients with deeper-rooted damage. Featuring a near-infrared Nd: YAG laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm, this treatment can effectively increase the synthesis of collagen in the skin while preventing its degradation. The laser can also treat conditions like spider veins, angioma, and rosacea, leaving a smooth finish on your face. The treatment also has the potential to reduce acne breakouts, as it diminishes the size of oil glands while keeping bacteria at bay.

The Bottom Line

The CUTERA® laser can effectively reduce the symptoms associated with rosacea, regardless of their intensity. Don’t delay any longer; book a consultation today to determine which option works best for you. Contact Dr. Ariel Ostad for an appointment so that you can enjoy the CUTERA® benefits!

For more information about the CUTERA® laser, you can contact Dr. Ariel Ostad, MD, at 212-517-7900. He can offer all the details and a consultation at his practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. You can also fill out our online contact form, and we will get in touch with you within a short time.

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