What is a non-surgical nose job?

A non-surgical nose job involves injections into targeted areas of the nose to create a better profile, or smooth out any bumps or divots. It takes only 20 minutes to perform.

Our New York non-surgical nose job is a noninvasive treatment that resolves minor nose shape issues and creates greater harmony and balance for your facial features. Also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty or a liquid nose job, it is a quick, virtually painless procedure, performed with hyaluronic acid fillers.


What is used in a non-surgical nose job?

Our non surgical nose job is performed with hyaluronic acid-based filler, synthesized collagen. The results typically last for a year to 18 months. There is no downtime, just redness at the injection site that resolves in 30 minutes.

Am I a candidate for a non-surgical nose job?

You may be a candidate for a liquid nose job if you have a bump in your nose you would like to straighten without undergoing surgery. In our culture, a symmetrical face is viewed as most attractive, with the nose taking center stage. Historically, the only solution to an uneven or disproportionate nose was rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. Today, non-surgical nose reshaping is available in New York.

What should I expect with a non-surgical nose job?

Liquid rhinoplasty is achieved with the same safe, FDA-approved dermal fillers used to lift the cheeks, fill in wrinkles, and plump up the lips. In an injection session that takes as little as 15 minutes, Dr. Ostad can:

  • Straighten a bump at the bridge of the nose
  • Make the nose appear smaller
  • Lift a droopy nose tip
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Fill acne scars and depressions

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Non-surgical Nose Job

Is there any recovery time after a non-surgical nose job?

There is little or no downtime after a liquid nose job. Swelling is minimal and resolves in a few days. If you wear glasses, you can continue wearing them. You may resume normal activities immediately after treatment, although you should avoid strenuous exercise for 24 to 48 hours.

Dr. Ariel Ostad

What are the benefits of non-surgical nose reshaping?

This non-surgical treatment has many benefits, including:

  • No cutting, sutures, surgical risk, or healing period
  • Immediate results.
  • Essentially no downtime. You may return to work or normal activities right away. While there can be mild redness or bruising at the injection sites, it typically resolves quickly and can be camouflaged with makeup.

  • Results last up to a year.
  • Injections are typically shallow, and topical numbing cream helps ensure a comfortable experience.
  • More economical than a surgical nose job.
  • Procedure can be performed alone, or as part of a comprehensive non-surgical facial enhancement.

If you are not happy with what you see in the mirror, and you want a new look NOW, a non-surgical nose job could be a good solution. Call Ariel Ostad MD PC at (212) 517-7900 to schedule a consultation.


Are there any cosmetic issues a liquid nose job cannot correct?

Most people are good candidates. However, injectables cannot fix the appearance of a broken nose, reduce a significant hump on the nose bridge, or shrink a very large or wide nose structure or nostrils. In these situations, Dr. Ostad will talk with you about your cosmetic surgery options.

How long will my results last?

Results with liquid rhinoplasty can last up to 16 months.

Can injectable fillers be used to correct the tip of the nose?

Yes, the nose tip can be easily modified in a non-surgical nose job. Dr. Ostad can inject the tip with fillers to subtly lift the nose tip, create a more refined look, and improve facial harmony.

Why choose Dr. Ostad?

Dr. Ariel Ostad is a board-certified as a dermatologist, known for his advanced training and for staying ahead of the curve in the latest developments in aesthetic dermatology

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