Dermatologists call them pigmented lesions, but you know these skin-tone flaws as sun spots. Usually brown in color, they are caused by cumulative exposure to sun, resulting in damaged skin. New York dermatologist, Dr. Ariel Ostad, offers effective laser treatments to lighten spots and even out skin tone.


Healthy skin gets the green light

A laser is a device that focuses a beam of light in a specific wavelength. Light in the green portion of the spectrum is most effective in treating pigmented lesions. This is an outpatient procedure that takes only about a half hour. Patient comfort is ensured with a cooling spray. Expect skin to become darker right after treatment. Then the lesion crusts over and sheds. Skin is noticeably clearer within two weeks. Possible side effects include minor redness and loss of hair in the treated area.

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Many patients have been thrilled about our Fraxel laser which transforms and restores your skin’s natural and youthful appearance. This is a common procedure in our office that many celebs in the media also rave about!

Types of lesions treated with laser therapy

Any benign spot on the face or hands created by a concentration of melanin, can be treated.

Most commonly, this includes:

  • Solar lentigines (also called age spots, liver spots, or sun spots)
  • Café au lait birthmarks
  • Freckles

Dr. Ostad customizes a treatment plan for optimal results. Your strategy could include just a few sessions for sun spots, or up to a dozen to fade a birthmark, at one-month intervals. Once a sun spot is completely removed, it won’t come back. However, sun exposure will continue to cause new spots to develop, so high quality sunscreen should be worn daily.

Why choose Dr. Ostad?

When treating pigmented spots with laser therapy, it is vitally important to ensure that the lesion is benign. As a Board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, Dr. Ostad has vast background and experience in medical diagnosis.

Learn more about laser treatments for sun damaged skin with a consultation at Dr. Ostad’s New York office. Call (212) 517-7900 to schedule.

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