Dear Dr. Ostad,

I have gotten botox for the past five years and have had some ups and downs with results, but this past two weeks has been a nightmare. I had a big event coming up and wanted my eyes and forehead to look refreshed and found a Groupon for Botox for 20 units for under $200.00. Thinking it was a deal (and being tight on cash), I booked my appointment with the dentist who had decent reviews on the site. Well, not only did he spill botox on me, but he gave me a huge bloody bruise that is still here. Worse, I have more wrinkles under my eyes and look like I have aged 15 years! I am so upset, so scared and worried I have ruined my face! Now, I can’t help but to think about how foolish I was. Dermatologists do not perform root canals so why are dentists allowed to do Botox?


Dear Sophia,

I am so sorry you went through this. It sounds painful and traumatic, but I want to assure you that, while upsetting, time is on your side and you did not ruin your face. Speaking candidly, we encounter this problem quite frequently.  There are a number of websites offering discounted procedures and though we always do our best to educate patients, it is ultimately their choice as to where to go. I always suggest going to a board certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the treatment you’re interested in. In the case of Botox, Dysport and facial fillers, an understanding of complex facial anatomy is essential. There

There are dozens of veins, arteries and nerves that could potentially be compromised in the process. Your comment about professionals performing procedures they are extensively trained in rings true to me. Sophia, though I have not seen you, what you are describing sounds like improper placement to me. If the protein is injected too low and too close to the eye, it can result in a looser and more “wrinkly” appearance to your lower eyelids. Though bruising can happen, it is important to understand exactly where the veins are in the face and have the procedure performed under proper lighting. We have heard stories of the procedure being performed in kitchens, bathrooms that can’t possibly provide proper lighting to see these structures.

Do not worry that you have ruined your face. The botox will likely wear off in about a month as most “discounted” botox is heavily diluted. Lastly, I want to gently remind you that, in the case of treatments and products, the old adage, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” applies.

Dr. Ostad

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