As we age, facial fat is lost as a result it shifts lower due to gravity, resulting in jowls. The result of this is sagging, wrinkling, and the appearance of hollow areas on the face. 

That’s why we love fat transfer: the procedure that can help bring it all into balance. Fat transfer has become very popular, especially among men or women who want to obtain a better contour. In this blog, you will learn more about fat transfer and what it can help you with. 

What Is Fat Transfer?

As the name suggests, fat transfer is a procedure that takes fat from areas where you have an excess and transfers it where you are lacking volume such as the face. For instance, common areas we see patients treat include extracting fat from areas like the abdomen or thighs then injecting it into areas that lack volume like the face. A fat transfer can be used to treat many different areas of the body including facial contouring, adding volume into hollow areas in the face like the cheeks. Additionally, it can also be used to contour areas on the body such as the breast or buttocks, leaving you with natural looking results. 

Fat transfer is considered a great alternative to implants and hyaluronic acid filler, as it can add volume naturally. It can improve your self-esteem and confidence, and with a good diet and fitness regimen, fat transfer can last for a very long time.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

Here are the advantages you can enjoy by opting for fat transfer: 

1. Long-Lasting Results

Unlike other body contouring and augmentation techniques, fat transfer is considered relatively long lasting. Indeed, some of the fat will eventually be reabsorbed back into your body and can be distributed into other areas. Still, a part of the fat transfer will permanently remain where you injected it, making it a durable alternative.

2. No Risk of Allergies

Traditional implants are a good way for you to add volume into areas where you are lacking. That being said, they also come with risks. For example, you may have an allergy to the implant material, or you may have a heightened sensitivity to the products used. Since fat transfers use your own fat for the augmentation effect, there is no risk of a reaction. 

3. Increased Definition

Fat transfers are great if you want to improve the definition in the areas you feel less confident about. For instance, fat transfers are very common in buttocks augmentation, as they may take the fat from the flanks and bring it lower. If you have square hips, fat transfers can help you obtain that nice, round shape.

4. Improved Skin Condition

Fat transfers are frequently used to fill in wrinkles and other gaps in the skin, making the skin appear much plumper and smoother. If you are experiencing volume loss in your cheeks, causing your skin to sag, then a fat transfer can provide a tighter and more youthful effect.

5. It Removes Fat from Unwanted Areas

Fat transfer aims to inject fat into areas that lack volume, providing an augmentation effect. That being said, the first step of this procedure is to extract the fat from the unwanted area. For instance, if you’ve been constantly bothered by your love handles, then you can take that fat out and add it to your breasts, or any other area of concern. 

Should You Get a Fat Transfer?

Fat transfers are a great option when you have unwanted fat, and you want to distribute it to other areas that lack volume. This type of procedure is long lasting and can provide a natural effect, improving your self-confidence.  If you want to learn more about fat transfers or even get a procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ariel Ostad and enjoy the contour that you’ve always wanted.

For more information about fat transfers, you can contact Dr. Ariel Ostad at 212-517-7900. He would be more than happy to help you with all the details you require. Use the provided contact form to set up an appointment, and he will wait for you at his practice in Manhattan.

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