In a time where defying age has become a goal for many women and men, skin creams and beauty routines are now standard. When started early, they can easily keep wrinkles and skin laxity at bay for at least a few years. That said, while you religiously apply skincare to your face daily, be sure that you don’t forget to address areas like the hands and neck

This can be slightly problematic, especially as the neck area is more sensitive in comparison to your face. The same thing applies to the hands, as the skin is softer there. To prevent these areas from giving away your age, you must learn how to care for them correctly. Read this blog and learn how Dr. Ostad can help delay aging in your neck and hands. 

Aging In the Neck Area

The skin on the neck often betrays your age first, as it’s one of the first areas to show the symptoms. This happens because the skin on your neck is much thinner than your face, so any collagen loss is almost immediately visible. You should moisturize it daily during your facial treatment, but even that might not be enough.

To keep your neck looking young, you need to offer it the proper treatment before its appearance changes dramatically. Indeed, you can wear a lovely scarf or use makeup that draws attention away, but why not treat the aging signs instead? Aside from your daily moisturizer and serum application, here are a few cosmetic procedures to consider for a lasting effect:

  • Dermal Fillers: As neck wrinkles and jowls are often caused by volume loss, dermal fillers can add structure and reduce skin looseness. 
  • Laser Therapy: Procedures like Fraxel CO2 can help promote collagen production to reduce aging signs like brown spots and wrinkles.
  • MyEllevate: MyEllevate® is a minimally invasive jawline contouring procedure using a permanent suture suspension that is performed that helps to refine the neck, lower face and jawline with natural-looking, long-lasting results with minimal downtime! 

Depending on your neck aesthetics, some procedures may work better for you than others. This is why we recommend you go through a consultation with Dr. Ostad first.

Aging Signs In Your Hands

Your hands are among the first and the fastest to show signs of aging. This is because you use them to perform various daily tasks, exposing them to elements that could create wrinkling and dry skin. Washing dishes, cleaning without gloves on, or even disinfecting your hands can cause significant damage. All these actions strip the natural moisture barrier, causing even stars such as Madonna to have wrinkly hands.  

The reasoning behind that is very simple. The skin on your hands is just as sensitive as the area underneath the eyes, making it extremely fragile. Many people don’t even think of using SPF or cream before going out, which makes matters worse. As the collagen breaks down faster in the hands, this can cause unwanted wrinkling, and veins can become more prominent.

To preserve the youthfulness in your hands, it’s best to offer them some special care. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Apply Sunblock: Sunblock can stop UV rays from damaging collagen fibers in the skin, preventing premature aging.
  • Use Dermal Fillers: Fillers such as JUVÉDERM® can replenish lost volume, making the hand skin look smoother and more rejuvenated.
  • Get a Laser Treatment: A rejuvenating laser like Fraxel CO2 or Fraxel Restore can help promote collagen production and reduce pigmentation, improving skin quality in the hands and neck.

Each person may have different aging symptoms, so it is important to consult a specialist first. Dr. Ariel Ostad can advise you on the treatment options you can undergo.

Don’t Skimp on the Neck & Hands!

While you may think your face is the first to start aging, it all starts on your neck and hands. So, you may want to consider getting anti-aging treatments for these areas to keep a youthful look. Contact Dr. Ariel Ostad for an appointment!

For more information about aging and how to care for the most sensible skin parts, contact Dr. Ariel Ostad at 212-517-7900. He can offer you all the information you need from his Lexington Avenue, Manhattan practice. You could also fill out the online contact form, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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