The seasons are changing, and so are the needs of your skin! With the warm season approaching, your skin may feel like it needs a “reboot” from the dullness of the winter. Still, the harsher sun is also expected to bring its own damage, so it is very important that you prepare for what’s to come. 

There are plenty of things that you can do, including upgrading your skincare and loading up on the sunblock. However, getting a skin treatment can help prep your skin even more, nurturing it and giving it the strength it needs to get through the spring and summer. Dr. Ariel Ostad has several treatment options that can help you achieve that, and this blog will present some of the most reliable solutions.

How Warm Weather Affects the Skin

The warmer it gets, the more the heat and the UV rays can affect your skin. Your complexion is perspiring more as it gets hotter, and in an attempt to protect itself, your pores produce more sebum. This process can cause the pores to dilate more than usual, increasing breakouts for those with oily skin.

Sun exposure can also affect the top layer of the skin (i.e., epidermis), which is your barrier. This layer is made from lipids and dead or dying skin, as it keeps the toxins from getting too deep into the body. Once the barrier is affected by UV rays, it can make the skin feel more irritated or drier than usual. Sun rays can also break down the collagen in your skin, making it look aged and dull. 

Procedures to Help Strengthen the Skin

Many treatment options can help make the skin feel brighter, stronger, plumper, and less prone to damage. Dr. Ariel Ostad recommends the following as the weather gets warmer.

1. CUTERA® Laser

Heat tends to get the blood flowing harder, which is sometimes great for your circulation. However, things are slightly different if you have broken blood vessels and heat exposure turns you into a flushed mess. If you have conditions like rosacea, you might always rely on foundation, which can be challenging to wear as the weather gets warmer. 

The CUTERA® laser is an alternative to prevent that from happening. This procedure uses the power of a laser to close off the blood vessels responsible for your flushing, diffusing the redness. Once your body eliminates the dead cells from your vessels, you can look forward to smooth, even-toned skin.

2. AviClear™ Laser

As mentioned, the sebaceous glands become overactive as the temperatures rise. Because of this, the pores start trapping more dirt and bacteria, which can cause more acne breakouts than usual, preventing you from fully enjoying the warm, sunny days. 

AviClear™ is used to treat all levels of acne by using the power of a 1726-wavelength laser. As the laser enters the sebaceous glands, it prevents the overproduction of sebum, keeping it from clogging the pores. The laser can also shrink your pores, leaving little space for dirt and debris to get inside.

3. Dermal Fillers

Even though the warm season is fun, it can also affect your collagen production and skin moisture levels. Dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM® can help restore volume to your face, giving you a youthful look. The results can last for months, enough for you to enjoy the next few months. 

If volume loss is not your concern but you are worried about the effects of dehydration, injectables like SKINVIVE™ can also prove suitable. The microdroplet hyaluronic acid injectable acts like a continuous moisturizer, keeping the skin plump and helping you look radiant. 

Extra Care for Your Skin During the Warm Season

With the weather becoming warmer and warmer, your complexion needs all the love that you can give it. Aside from a correct skincare routine, ensure the skin also receives the appropriate treatments and hydration. Call Dr. Ariel Ostad to schedule an appointment to see what procedure suits you!

For more information about the best skin treatments for warm weather, you can contact Dr. Ariel Ostad, MD, at 212-517-7900. He can supply all the details you need to put your best face forward. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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