Summer comes with long days and plenty of sunshine, but the effects of UV rays can be very damaging to your skin. Not only can chronic sun exposure lead to skin cancer, but it can also cause premature aging, wrinkles, and pigmentation of the skin. As summer comes to an end, it is the proper time to address sun damage and wrinkles.

Skin resurfacing treatments have become very popular nowadays, and a commonly requested one is the Fraxel® CO2 laser. Just one session can help reduce the damage that the summer months dealt to your skin. Find out how Fraxel® CO2 with Dr. Ariel Ostad can reduce the signs of sun damage!

How Does Fraxel® CO2 Work?

Fraxel® CO2 uses laser energy to penetrate the surface of the skin, sending small light columns into the layers underneath. This creates microscopic wounds in your dermis, triggering the healing response system of your body. 

In turn, this will activate your dormant collagen fibers, triggering their production. The damaged skin cells will be removed from your skin and then replaced with new, healthy ones. This treatment is a fractional one, which means that it will only cover a fraction of your skin over time. This way, surrounding tissue is not affected and the healing process is shortened.

Fraxel® CO2 vs. Different Types of Sun Damage

Sun exposure can lead to various skin imperfections. Here are the most common ones and how Fraxel® CO2 can help. 

  • Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by multiple actions, including tanning. Whether you are dealing with small or large patches of darker skin, Fraxel® CO2 can help clear out the excess melanin and clear out your skin. This makes it the perfect treatment when summer comes to an end. 

  • Sun Spots (Age Spots)

Sun spots (frequently referred to as age spots) represent a frequent consequence of excessive UV exposure, whether we are talking about sunlight or tanning beds. They are triggered by an overproduction of melanin, causing dark patches to appear on your skin. Fraxel® CO2 laser can break down that melanin, promoting new skin cell production while your body flushes out the damaged cells.

  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Sun exposure can break down the collagen bonds and fibers within your skin, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. By triggering your body’s collagen production, Fraxel® CO2 can restore those bonds and smooth out your wrinkles. This will help you look more youthful after long sun exposure.

  • Skin Laxity

As mentioned, excessive exposure can break down collagen, and it can do the same with elastin. This can cause skin laxity issues, leading to the appearance of sagging skin. Fraxel® CO2 laser can trigger elastin and collagen production, improving the elasticity of your skin and tightening it for an overall lifted appearance.

  • Freckles

If you are already dealing with a few freckles, exposure to sunlight can cause them to multiply. Sunlight exposure can lead to your skin producing more melanin, which is essentially what freckles are made of. The Fraxel CO2 laser will help exfoliate the top layer of your skin, where your freckles are. While the effect is not permanent and the freckles can return with repeated exposure, your skin should stay clearer for at least one year.

  • Actinic Keratosis

Actinic keratosis (AKs) are scaly, rough patches on your skin that have a red or brown color. There are precancers which if untreated can lead to skin cancers. This condition is very common with excessive sun exposure. Sometimes, they are only visible through color, while other times they may also include scaling. Fraxel® CO2 lasers can trigger new skin cell production, causing the damaged area to fall off.

Fraxel® CO2 Can Help With Sun Damage and Wrinkles!

Excessive sun exposure and sun damage can be rather troublesome, as most issues will not go down easily without a fight. That being said, new cosmetic procedures are being developed constantly and can help you clear that damage and enjoy beautiful, radiant skin. Call Dr. Ariel Ostad and schedule an appointment for a Fraxel® CO2 treatment to regenerate your skin!

For more information about the Fraxel® CO2 treatment, you can contact Dr. Ariel Ostad, MD, at 212-517-7900. He can help you with all the answers you seek. You can also fill out the online contact form, and Dr. Ostad can help set an appointment at his practice in Manhattan.

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