How Long Does EMFACE® Last?

Up until recently, if you wanted a more younger-looking appearance or a facelift, then you needed to make peace with one thing: the scalpel. If you wanted to look your best, you needed to accept that without surgery, you would not be able to reach your goal. The problem is that with surgery, you also get prolonged downtime and possible scarring.

Enter the EMFACE® treatment, a procedure that can enhance your appearance without having to resort to surgery. Using radiofrequency energy and electrical stimulation, EMFACE® can fight the signs of aging and offer long-lasting results. Read on to find out more about the effects of EMFACE®.

What Is EMFACE®?

Lasers offer great effects for skin rejuvenation, which is why some treatments make the most out of it. For instance, EMFACE® is a treatment that combines radiofrequency (RF) energy and high-intensity facial electrical stimulation (HIFES™) to tone your facial muscles and give you a more radiant look. The RF and HIFES™ action will boost your elastin and collagen production, making your face firmer with fewer wrinkles.

Benefits of the EMFACE® Procedure

EMFACE® comes with several benefits that you may enjoy as a patient, including:

1. Short Treatment Sessions

The best part about EMFACE® is that it is performed in about 20 minutes. This means you can easily squeeze it in during your lunch break, and you can go home or back to work immediately as it won’t mess up your schedule.

2. No Surgery or Needles

Another great benefit of EMFACE® is that it doesn’t use any needles, nor does it rely on incisions. Not only does this make the treatment more comfortable, but it also reduces recovery time. The chances of bruising, infection, and scarring are not presented, making EMFACE® a great choice for those who do not want to deal with potential side effects of surgery or other rejuvenating treatments.

3. Versatile Treatment

A great part about EMFACE® is that it can be used for a variety of treatments, some of which can have long-lasting effects. So, no matter if you want to reduce issues such as sagging skin, jowling, or wrinkles, EMFACE® can help by boosting your skin’s natural healing process and collagen production.

How to Make the Most Out of EMFACE®?

While the EMFACE® results are long lasting, they are not permanent. The treatment lasts a year on average, but the effects may vary from one person to another, and they depend on your aftercare routine.

There is no special pre-treatment care to do before the procedure, but make sure to do the following in the months after:

  • Drink about eight glasses of water every day so that your skin can maintain its elasticity and continue producing collagen.

The better care you take of your skin, the more you should be able to maintain your results.

Should You Resort to EMFACE® or Not?

EMFACE® is a good option for people who want to obtain a lifting and tightening effect without having to resort to surgery. With only a few short treatments every week, you should be able to obtain that lifted, youthful look that you so missed. So, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ariel Ostad and find out if you are a good candidate for EMFACE®!

For more information about EMFACE®, you can contact Dr. Ariel Ostad at 212-517-7900. An online contact form is also at your disposal if you have any questions.

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