Galderma, the company behind Restylane, Dysport and the Sculptra family of products launched their new line of FDA approved dermal fillers, Refyne and Defyne.  They are being touted as the first flexible and natural appearing filler that moves with each contour and active movement of your face.  Say goodbye to stiff looking cheeks and laugh lines.  This incredible product uses ‘XpresHAn technology’ which creates a beautiful natural filler effect without any visible signs of having treatment when you smile or are expressive.

How do they differ? 

Refyne is best for mild to moderate lines or volume loss in the lower face; particularly around the mouth and is showing incredible promise for hallows under the eyes.

Defyne is approved for moderate to deep lines and volume loss in the lower face, mid-cheek and is perfect for marionette and laugh lines.

While this class of dermal fillers is new to the United States, Refyne and Defyne has been the number one dermal filler (under the name Emervel) in Europe and Canada since 2010.  It is important to note that the filler uses the same naturally occurring substance in our body, hyaluronic acid, as most dermal fillers, but this cohesive gel has the ability to flex with each movement you make. So, whether you’re smiling, smirking, laughing or scowling, the filler will move with your face providing a natural relaxed look.

According to Galderma, these fillers last an average of 9-12 months but varies for each patient.  While Dr. Ostad prefers to use a cannula to inject this filler, which significantly decreases the chance of bruising, it is important to read the Do’s and Don’ts of Filler blog prior to receiving any injectable treatments.

Dr. Ostad is thrilled to introduce this new technology to our office.  The results thus far have been remarkable in smoothing out wrinkles and volume loss in the lower face and under-eyes.

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