Is It Possible to Repair My Ears After Gauging?

Earlobe gauging is a trend that involves stretching a piercing to fit a plug or cylinder. These are often a half-inch or wider. Gauging creates a long-lasting gaping hole in the earlobe. This is often a popular trend for teens and young adults. As people age, though, there is often a desire to repair the gauge and restore the earlobe. This can be accomplished with earlobe repair. According to WebMD, if you stretch your ears above 2 gauge (6mm) size, you will likely need professional assistance to return them to their original condition. Let’s learn more about this process.

Why Should You Get Earlobe Repair?

Trends that seemed like a wonderful idea during your teen or young adult years may be deeply regretted later on. If those trends happen to have left permanent markings on your body, you might feel saddened or frustrated that you can’t erase them. Very obvious markings, such as gauges, are difficult to hide. Many adults feel that gauges might hinder their career opportunities or make others take them less seriously. When the earplugs are no longer being worn, gauges may seem unattractive. If you are starting to feel that your gauges are no longer an accurate representation of your personality, and you’re tired of looking at sagging earlobes, earlobe repair might be a good choice for you.

How Is Earlobe Repair Done?

Gauges of more than 6mm will often not shrink back to a manageable size on their own. Earlobe repair is often needed. This process must be done by a cosmetic doctor. When you schedule your earlobe repair with Dr. Ariel Ostad at our outpatient AAAASF-accredited facility, your ear is numbed with local anesthesia. Dr. Ostad will apply small incisions with very fine sutures to reshape the lobe for a natural-looking appearance. After the process, your ears will be protected with a small bandage for only a few days, and there is little to no downtime. What’s more, you can even have your ears re-pierced after about eight weeks after your earlobe repair process.

Earlobe repair is the best way to restore your earlobes after gauging. If you’re ready to get rid of your gauges, please contact us at our office at Ariel Ostad, MD today.

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