When it comes to looking youthful, many people focus on their faces, and the neck area seems to just be an afterthought. This is one of the many reasons your neck looks older than your face, often betraying your age. The skin on your neck is more sensitive, requiring more nourishment and special care than any other area. 

To help the skin regain its vitality, Dr. Ostad has developed a highly nourishing and complex cream to care for the neck area. Packing numerous active ingredients, this product can help reverse the symptoms of aging. Read this blog and find out everything there is to know about our neck refining cream.

What Is In The Neck Refining Cream?

The Neck Refining Cream from Dr. Ostad’s medical-grade skincare line has a series of active ingredients that aim to nourish and reduce signs of aging. These ingredients include:

1. Growth Factors

As their name may suggest, growth factors are diffusible proteins that signal cell growth stimulation and tissue repair. Not only can they promote wound healing, but the fibroblast proliferation process also improves collagen production. With new cells forming, the skin should look smoother and youthful thanks to regular treatment. 

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a gold mine for skin care, as it can help with various skin conditions affecting the neck. Its ability to promote tissue healing might encourage collagen synthesis and reduce various signs of aging. This includes fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and excess pigmentation. The ingredient can also inhibit melanin production, its bleaching effect reducing the intensity of sunspots. 

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E can repair damaged skin, making it an effective option for individuals who spend a significant amount of time in the sun. Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can reduce pigmentation and acne, keeping the neck skin clean. The ingredient also strengthens your skin barrier, which is very useful in such a delicate area.

4. Ferulic Acid

Blood vessels often become very visible on your neck due to the overall thinness of the skin. Ferulic acid can prevent that from happening as it lessens pigmentation caused by redness or sun exposure. The ingredient also offers extra protection against UV exposure, preventing signs of aging caused by many days spent in the sun.

5. Retinoid Acid

With its ability to stimulate epidermal cell turnover, retinoid acid is an excellent ally in the fight against aging. The ingredient can stimulate collagen production, improving frequent signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging. This can help the neck look firmer and suppler over time.

Why Choose the Neck Refining Cream Instead of Regular Skincare?

The beauty market has plenty of products you can buy off the shelf in just a few moments. Many promise to reduce signs of aging, offering you a youthful look with just one application. The problem with most over-the-counter products is that their effect is temporary and not customized for your specific needs. 

On the other hand, the Neck Refining Cream from Dr. Ostad’s line is a medical-grade skincare product that contains a high concentration of active ingredients to provide long-lasting results. Its aim is not only to improve the symptoms but also to address the root cause. Its active ingredients promote collagen synthesis, which can help reduce signs of aging in the long term. 

Choose Our Neck Refining Cream for Smooth Skin

Finding the best cream to help you obtain a youthful neck is not always easy, especially as the area requires more care than any other. The neck refining cream is a great choice for obtaining smooth, delicate skin in this area. Contact Dr. Ariel Ostad and see how you can benefit from the neck refining cream!

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