About 16 million Americans suffer the redness, pimples, and embarrassment of rosacea. While there is presently no defined cure for this common, troublesome condition, Dr. Ariel Ostad has had tremendous treatment success with laser therapies. In addition, he offers this at-home skin care advice to help NYC rosacea patients maintain clear skin.

Gentle daily skin care is essential

Be cautious of products that contain more than:

  • 66 percent alcohol
  • 30 percent witch hazel
  • 30 percent fragrance
  • 21 percent menthol
  • 14 percent peppermint
  • 13 percent eucalyptus oil

These compounds, as well as harsh astringents and exfoliating agents, tend to irritate skin, triggering rosacea flare-ups.

Dr. Ostad has pioneered his own line of skin care products. These scientific formulations cleanse and replenish skin without irritation.

Easy does it

Test a new product on a small spot in a less noticeable area, such as the neck. If this delicate skin doesn’t react, you may be able to use it on your face without a problem. Cleanse and moisturize no more than two times a day. Reducing the number of different products may also reduce risk of interaction.

Don’t rule out makeup

It is natural to want to camouflage rosacea with cosmetics. Yet many makeup brands contain ingredients that aggravate the condition. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, perfumes are the worst culprit. Choose fragrance-free products designed for sensitive skin. A green tinted corrective concealer neutralizes the appearance of redness, and mineral-based makeups are gentle enough for many people with rosacea. Dr. Ostad will be happy to recommend quality products to help you look your best, even during flare-ups.

Every complexion is unique, and lifestyle factors have a tremendous impact on rosacea management. Schedule a visit with Dr. Ostad for a personalized treatment plan to get rosacea under control and keep skin clear. Call 646-798-9494 in NYC.

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