Botox remains a popular treatment for wrinkles and other conditions, but when should a person get bi-annual treatments? Summer is one of the best times to visit our local doctor for botox treatment. Here are a few reasons to schedule your appointment as the summer months approach.

It Lasts All Summer

It may take a couple of weeks to see the full results since, according to Columbia University Irving Medical Center, most patients see results in 10-14 days but will see the maximum results in 14 days. After that, the effects can last up to 4-6 months, ensuring you look your best all summer long.

Prevent Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are those tiny little lines and wrinkles that form around the outside of your eyes. These can be caused by squinting. You can slowly develop squint wrinkles in various parts of your face, and we all squint more when we’re in bright sunlight. This treatment can help prevent those wrinkles from forming in the first place.

Sunlight is Okay Afterwards

Some cosmetics treatments and products call for limiting sun exposure. For example, products with retinol make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion may require that patients avoid sunlight afterward as well. With this cosmetic procedure, you can still enjoy the summer fun.

It’s Ideal for Minimalist Makeup

Cosmetics can be a hassle during hot, humid months. Skincare can feel heavy on your face. That’s why so many people ditch heavy makeup for a more natural look during the hot summer. You want your skin to look its best if that’s you. That will happen directly after getting a Botox treatment. It’ll wear off just in time for Fall or Winter makeup application.

Little Preperation

When you’re in the middle of planning family vacations and heading out with friends, you don’t want to worry about preparing for the next cosmetic treatment. This one doesn’t require months of preparation, so you won’t feel stressed trying to cram it into your schedule. Instead, you can prepare with a few simple things, like avoiding alcohol, the day before the appointment.

Botox treatment can instantly smooth your skin, is suitable for vacation, and lasts all season long. Ready to be the more confident version of yourself this summer? Give us a call today!

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