Routine skin checks help patients detect new moles, those that itch or bleed, or moles that have changed. These skin changes can be warning signs of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. If you notice signs of skin cancer, schedule an appointment your local clinic. Located in New York, NY, Dr. Ariel Ostad offers treatment options including surgery to remove moles, skin cancer, lipomas, and scars.

Benign mole versus melanoma

In the early stages of melanoma, the spot generally appears to be a dark flat or raised spot. It can be easy to miss without regular skin assessments. As the cancer advances, it may change in color, border, or size.

Initially, part of the mole is removed and then analyzed at a lab. With a positive diagnosis, the lab also reports the stage of the melanoma. The stages progress from 0 to IV as they range in invasiveness.

  • Stage 0 (in situ) – The top layer is involved.
  • Stage I – The melanoma may be up to 1mm in thickness.
  • Stage II – The cancer has thickened beyond 1mm. The skin may be open but the cancer has not spread.
  • Stage III – The melanoma has spread beyond the original location on the skin or to lymph nodes.
  • Stage IV – Cancer has spread to skin or lymph nodes beyond the original growth or has spread to organs.

Treatment options save skin tissue

Dr. Ostad is experienced at treating and removing skin moles and cancers. Traditional surgical excision is an option as is Mohs micrographic surgery. Dr. Ostad is a premier Mohs surgeon. Using this procedure, infected tissue is removed and examined a layer at a time. The minimum amount of tissue is excised. Mohs has a high cure rate. The goal is to eradicate the cancer with as little scarring as possible.

Don’t take chances with melanoma. If you have received a skin cancer diagnosis, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ostad. (646)798-9494

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