Do you find yourself scouring the racks, trying to find the perfect color shirt that won’t show any sweat stains? Or maybe you shower multiple times a day to get rid of the odor that comes from your body…Whatever the case may be, something needs to change. Excessive sweating can be a hindrance to your quality of life. At Dr. Ariel Ostad’s New York City practice, we are proud to stop the sweat with the FDA-approved treatment miraDry®. After this procedure, you’ll be ready to be the social butterfly you’ve been wanting to be except without the hesitation and the sweat. Let us explain what miraDry® is and if you’re the right candidate for this sweat-eliminating procedure.

How Exactly Does miraDry® Work?

The miraDry® process is fairly simple and very safe. It is typically a one-hour procedure that is performed in three steps to help eliminate up to 82 percent sweating and 89 percent odor.

  • Step 1: Apply a local anesthetic to ensure comfort
  • Step 2: Map out the sweat glands
  • Step 3: Use thermal heat to destroy the sweat glands permanently

This procedure uses controlled electromagnetic (heat) energy to bring the sweat glands closer to the surface of the skin for easier elimination. It does not damage any surrounding tissues or organs during the process. Once the sweat glands are damaged, they are gone for good.

Is miraDry® Right for Me?

Most patients who wish to undergo the miraDry® procedure are men and women who experience excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis). This condition causes people to have unwanted sweat and odor in their underarms, which can be embarrassing and can also prevent them from living life to the fullest. A thorough consultation with Dr. Ostad will help to determine whether or not you are a true candidate for the miraDry® procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects With miraDry®?

After your miraDry® treatment, you may experience some bruising and swelling in the armpits for the first few days. Some short-term sensitivity in the underarms has also been reported, but this disappears gradually after a few days. The great thing about this permanent treatment is that there is very little downtime. You can resume your normal activities within a couple days after your treatment. We do, however, have aftercare guidelines that you should follow in order to ensure proper healing and results.

These guidelines include:

  • Cleaning the area two times a day
  • Using a liquid soap gently
  • Applying a new deodorant or antiperspirant

Over-the-counter medication may be used to combat any discomfort that you may feel after your miraDry® treatment. 

If you are ready to live a sweat- and odor-free life, then contact Dr. Ariel Ostad to schedule your consultation for this life-changing treatment.

For more information about miraDry®, contact Dr. Ariel Ostad online or call us at 212-517-7900.

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