Doctor in NY offers surgical dermatology services for scar revisions

Scars may be caused by trauma, prior surgery, acne, or infections. They can be unsightly and embarrassing. Thankfully, there are treatment options to improve the appearance of scars. For patients in New York, NY, Dr. Ariel Ostad offers surgical dermatology services for scar revisions. Dr. Ostad is a board-certified dermatologist who is trained and experienced in treating a range of skin conditions. His attention to detail helps give patients the beautiful, glowing skin they deserve.

A scar is evidence of the skin healing.

Each patient’s needs are unique. When it comes to scars, there are differences in size, shape, thickness, color, and location. These differences must be accounted for before treatment can be administered as not every treatment works for every scar. There are a number of treatment options for scars including:

  • Topical medications
  • Laser treatments
  • Surgical remova

Treatment options range in invasiveness. For some patients, a single treatment may provide significant improvement. Others may need a combination or multiple treatments.

Surgical scar revisions

It is important to remember that a scar cannot technically be removed but a procedure can be done to improve the appearance of the existing scar. For thick scars extending deep into the tissue, a surgical incision may be needed. The old scar tissue is removed and the area is restitched. This time the incision and sutures are placed by a surgeon with precision and experienced hands. The incisions can be placed to ensure a less conspicuous scar.

After a surgical scar revision, there may be swelling, discomfort, or discoloration but they should subside within ten to fourteen days. In the weeks that follow, the scar continues to heal. The goal of dermatologic surgery is to minimize the scar’s appearance so it is more consistent with the tone and texture of the surrounding skin.

A scar cannot be completely erased but treatments can help improve the appearance. Contact our professional staff today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ostad. (646)798-9494

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