According to Cleveland Clinic, the average person has 10-40 moles on their body. Some moles are larger than usual and, though they may not be a health concern, may make you self-conscious. Mole removal services can help gently remove a mole, so you can feel confident when you show your skin.

What Does Mole Removal Involve?

Mole removal is a quick outpatient procedure that can be done during an office visit. You won’t have to worry about being under anesthesia or finding transportation home. The technique involves numbing the area and gently removing the mole. The numbing procedure ensures you don’t feel a thing.

How Long Does Mole Removal Take?

How long it takes to remove a mole usually depends on size. Most doctors can remove a mole in 10-60 minutes. However, this does vary by patient. It’s essential to ask your doctor how long it will take during your initial consultation. Once your doctor sees the mole, they can estimate you accurately.

What Does Aftercare Involve?

Once the mole is removed, there is minimal aftercare required. Many patients have a few stitches over the area, but this won’t be the case if you received a shave removal. The stitches should remain covered for one to two days following the procedure. After two days, you can uncover the area and gently wash it with a mild soap and cool water. It’s important to be gentle, so you don’t irritate the area.

Healing after the procedure takes time. The skin may be sore and sensitive after mole removal. It’s common for a scab to form for a few weeks after the procedure. The skin may still appear red while the underlying skin grows stronger. However, this is a normal part of the healing process.

It’s essential to ask your doctor for advice about aftercare and the healing process. While most people will heal in a few weeks, it may take other people longer to heal. Younger patients tend to heal faster, too. Your doctor will provide a complete list of everything you need about aftercare and the healing process.

We understand you’re full of questions about removing a mole and what the healing process includes. During an initial consultation, our team at Ariel Ostad, MD will take the time to discuss everything with you. Contact us when you’re ready to schedule an appointment.

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