We all make decisions we wind up regretting. Maybe you got a partner’s name tattooed, but the relationship didn’t last forever. Perhaps you trusted the wrong tattoo artist, and they gave you an unattractive tattoo or spelled something wrong. Regardless of the reason why you no longer want your tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a great solution. This article will cover what you can expect from the tattoo removal process.


A tattoo removal professional must consider several factors before the process begins. During the initial consultation, they will examine the tattoo and ask you several questions. For example, they’ll want to know how long ago you got the tattoo, as newer tattoos typically take more sessions to remove.


The professional will also discuss pricing with you during the initial consultation. According to Glamour, $463 is the average cost per session. However, this does depend on how big the tattoo is. You’ll receive a final price per session during your first consultation.


Most tattoos require more than one appointment to remove completely. The removal process slowly breaks down the ink so your body’s immune system can remove it. Darker colors tend to fade more slowly compared to lighter shades. You’ll need to schedule appointments at regular intervals until the tattoo is gone. These are usually scheduled six to eight weeks apart.


Some people require very little aftercare for tattoo removal, but it’s always recommended to wash the area with soap and water twice daily. You should keep the area clean and dry, so it’s essential to keep it covered if you’re doing work that might make it dirty. Don’t pick at scabs or blisters that form. It’s imperative to consult a professional if you notice any signs of infection, such as severe redness or pus.

Side Effects

Side effects vary depending on the individual. Patients who are more prone to scarring may get a scar from laser removal. There may be temporary hyper or hypopigmentation. Your tattoo removal professional will discuss your medical history and skin type to let you know what side effects you can expect during and after the process.

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