What You Need to Know Before Getting CUTERA® Laser

According to studies, rosacea affects up to 415 million people, but very few of them get treated for it. As a result, they conceal the redness associated with this condition with the use of foundation, trying to hide it rather than treating it. That being said, the world of dermatology has improved over the years, and certain lasers can help reduce rosacea-associated redness.

The CUTERA® laser is one of these options. Using multiple customizable laser frequencies, CUTERA® can address imperfections like excessive redness, acne breakouts, pigmentation, wrinkles, and more. In this blog, we will talk about the effects of the CUTERA® laser and everything you need to know before getting the treatment. 

How Does CUTERA® Laser Work?

For the most part, laser treatment works by delivering controlled energy to the skin. For example, CUTERA® Excel V offers controlled destruction of excess blood vessels while preventing damage to nearby structures. 

The laser system will deliver high-power light pulses into the skin, targeting the abnormal excess blood vessels and capillaries, which will absorb the energy. This energy will be converted into heat, promoting the blood vessels to close. Eventually, the blood vessels will seal on their own, causing the body to reabsorb them with time which leads to less redness and reduced flushing.

Types of CUTERA® Laser

If you’re interested in the CUTERA® laser, it’s important to determine which option works best for your needs. Depending on the frequencies used and the effects obtained, you may opt for the following treatment options:

  • CUTERA® Excel V Laser

CUTERA® Excel V laser uses a gentle form of laser therapy to prevent rosacea from spreading. This is the perfect choice for those men and women who have a mild form of rosacea, without any other imperfections or visible signs of aging. The procedure will close off your blood vessels, preventing them from getting any bigger. This way, your flushing or redness will no longer be as noticeable. 

  • CUTERA® Genesis Laser

If you also have signs of aging aside from your rosacea, the Excel V Laser may not be enough for you to treat this condition. In this case, Dr. Ariel Ostad may recommend CUTERA® Genesis Laser instead. This type of CUTERA® laser penetrates deeper and reduces facial redness and can improve wrinkle appearance and other aging signs. This is all due to the laser’s skin rejuvenation effect, which triggers collagen production. Since the CUTERA® Genesis laser can kill bacteria and shrink the oil glands, it can also reduce your future acne breakouts.

How to Prepare for a CUTERA® Laser Treatment

Before you get a CUTERA® laser treatment, your skin needs to be fully prepared for the process. This is why you should not use any sun tanning procedures or fake tans in the month before the treatment. This also includes spray tanners or other products that may cause discoloration to your skin. 

If you have a history of cold sores or herpes, you may need to take antivirals before the appointment to prevent a breakout. Otherwise, an active breakout may require you to postpone the treatment. Notify Dr. Ariel Ostad if any health issues have appeared since you made the appointment. 

On the day of the treatment, do not wear makeup. If you do, Dr. Ariel Ostad will have to cleanse your face, so makeup will only add more impurities to your skin. If you have the treatment later in the day, you should take the makeup off and cleanse your skin properly before going to your appointment. 

Avoid any treatments with the potential of irritating the skin two weeks before the treatment. This can include a depilatory treatment, waxing, deep exfoliation, and more. Some supplements or medications may also increase bruising risk, so you should inform Dr. Ostad beforehand.

Is CUTERA® Laser for You?

The CUTERA® laser can be a good way for you to keep your rosacea and facial redness under control. Depending on the option you go for, you can also reduce signs of aging, enjoying much smoother skin. Call Dr. Ariel Ostad and schedule an appointment for a consultation to get more details about the CUTERA® treatment! 

For more information about the CUTERA® laser, you can contact Dr. Ariel Ostad at 212-517-7900. He would be more than happy to provide you with every detail that you need. The online contact form is available for everyone as well, and Dr. Ostad will contact you shortly.

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