Many people believe that to tell a person’s age, you need to look at their face but what they are not aware of is that the areas that show signs of aging first are your hands and your neck. For this reason, many people focus on the face, but they fail to address other body parts that reveal their age. With all the skincare products that you use, your face may look 30, but your hands will reveal that you are well past your 40s.

Enter hand rejuvenation: the procedure that can reverse the clock on your hands and that has become increasingly popular among men and women who want to look younger. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of hand rejuvenation and what the process involves.

What Is Hand Rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation is a collection of treatments that aims to restore the youthful look of your hands. It can involve a variety of procedures like laser resurfacing, hyaluronic acid filler, and fat transfer, depending on the condition of your hands. 

Hand rejuvenation can improve a series of aspects such as skin laxity, wrinkles, volume loss, or pigmentation. As a result, your hands will look more youthful, which will improve your self-confidence.

Benefits of Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Here are the advantages you may enjoy if you opt for hand rejuvenation: 

  • More Hand Volume

One of the most unfortunate effects of getting older is the fact that your hands are losing volume. This is natural because the fat underneath the skin becomes depleted as you age. When your hands begin to lose their volume, they will be very bony, which will make you look and feel older than you are. Hand rejuvenation procedures can help restore that lost volume.

  • Restored Skin Tightness

As you age, your body begins producing less collagen. When this happens, the skin loses its volume and elasticity, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. Hand rejuvenation can help trigger collagen production, restoring the tightness of your skin. 

  • Reduced Hand Spots and Pigmentation

As you get older, you may start noticing issues with pigmentation on your hands. These can be age spots, sunspots, and even visible veins from underneath the skin. Hand rejuvenation can help improve the texture of your skin so that excess pigmentation is no longer visible.

Hand Rejuvenation Options

Depending on how your hands look, Dr. Ostad may opt for one or more procedures to restore their appearance. Here are the most common options

1. Dermal Fillers

While dermal fillers are most commonly used for the face, they may also be injected in the hands. If you are dealing with wrinkles or volume loss, dermal fillers can help restore collagen and elastin production, improving skin laxity and the hollowed appearance. 

2. Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing treatments such as the Fraxel CO2 treatment are great for hand rejuvenation. This procedure stimulates cell turnover, making it the perfect option if you are dealing with age spots. Laser resurfacing can also help boost collagen production in your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

3. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be very effective for hand rejuvenation, especially if you have dark spots on your skin. This procedure will cause the top layer of the skin to peel off, bringing the lower, fresh layers of skin to the surface. Depending on the type of chemical peel that you choose, it may also help you with wrinkles and skin elasticity issues. 

4. Fat Transfer

Fat transfer involves harvesting fat from a donor area of your body and transferring it into your hands. This is generally a very good option if you are dealing with volume loss in your hands. The risks of reactions to chemicals are diminished, as Dr. Ostad will be using your own fat cells for the procedure. 

5. Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is a very common procedure if you have large or protruding veins in your hands. During this procedure, a solution is injected into your veins, causing the wall of the veins to shrink. The blood will be redirected through the deeper veins in your hand, allowing the damaged top veins to be reabsorbed by the body over time. 

Hand Rejuvenation for Younger-Looking Hands

Hand rejuvenation can significantly improve your self-esteem and make you look much younger. Whether you are just noticing the aging signs, or they have been there for a while, this procedure can lead to tighter, smoother-looking hands. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ariel Ostad and get your hand rejuvenation procedure right now!

For more information about hand rejuvenation, you can contact Dr. Ariel Ostad at 212-517-7900. He will offer you all the details that you need. You can also use the provided contact form to book an appointment at his practice in Manhattan, New York.

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